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If you are here that means you are interested in working with the FREEBORN BROTHERS.

It will take only few minutes to present you the band.

  • The band is on the scene since 2013. Since that time they played over 400 shows in Europe and South America.
  • They released two albums. First one ‚Two Men Orchestra’ (2013) and second one ‚Gypsy Hobo Trash Grass’ (2014)

The band is three piece.

  • Niko Soszynski – vocals, banjo and drums;
  • Mateusz Plesniak – vocals, accordion and guitar
  • Krzysiek Pasieka – vocals, double bass and guitar
  • Music of the band is crazy mixture between american folk music and eastern european music plus loads of rock’n’roll, gypsy punk and many more. This mixture makes the band different and unique.
  • The energy and heart they put into music is way more you can expect from the band. Those two things are dragging all people to crazy dance and fun!

More details you can find at freebornbrothers.com such as music, videos, photos, long bio etc.

People about Freeborn Brothers:

– ‚The Freeborn Brothers one of the liveliest bands on the scene at the moment’
– ‚Musical Mayhem, A crazy rollercoaster of Music and Theatre that will leave you in a state of euphoria and exhaustion’
– ‚The Freeborn Brothers gonna make you sweat’
– ‚It’s like watching a silent black&white movie in technicolor and way to loud…’
– ‚Best legal anti-depression medicine on the market today!’

… and many many more!

Feel free to ask us a question. We would be more than happy to help you out and have a successful event with you!

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Freeborn Brothers

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